Monday, June 3, 2019

Love among the Dinos: A Fall Wedding at The Field Museum

It was so much fun to work with Lara and Brett on their Fall wedding at Chicago's acclaimed Field Museum. They truly embraced the vibe of the venue with florals and decor that transported guests to a feeling of being in the forest, while also putting so much of their personality and influences into the day. Check out the fantastic photos by Laura Witherow Photography:

Instead of a traditional ceremony set-up, we did a Chuppah in the round, with guests on all sides. 
The couple was literally surrounded by family and friends!

With little dinos on the cover, even the programs gave a nod to the extra special and unique venue.

As the newlyweds recessed down the aisle, they passed under the traditional sword arch, welcomed by the groom's military buddies.

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
A room with a view - guests dined with the elephants and Maximo the Titanosaur.

Luxurious blue velvet linens with tall manzanita tree centerpieces made for a gorgeous tablescape.

Artwork of the Chicago skyline served as a beautiful guestbook that can be hung in their home.

A POW/MIA table honored those who have served our country.

'90s Cover Band "As If" kept the dance floor packed.
(Can you spot a rare appearance by yours truly in the background? Clipboard always in hand!)

Bride & Groom stormtroopers were guarding the sweets table!

Congratulations to Lara and Brett!

Venue - The Field Museum
Florist - Kehoe Designs
Lighting - Frost
Band - As If
Video - Amor in Motion
Caterer - Blue Plate 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Julia & Patrick: Holiday Romance

With snow still on the ground, I can't help but reminisce about our winter weddings. Julia and Patrick embraced the season, creating an ambiance of holiday magic and romance. The personal touches throughout the day showcased such an endearing love of family and warmth to counter the cold day. Check out the gorgeous photos by Colin Lyons Photography:

Ah technology....

When traveling around Chicago in winter, one must prepared with proper shoes!

In tribute to her parents, Julia's bouquet was wrapped with a piece of her mother's wedding dress and her father's dog tag

Love this unique vantage point of the Chicago skyline!

In true fairy-tale fashion, a horse and carriage whisked the bride and groom away after the ceremony.

The bride and groom's East Side/West Side chair signs added a little whimsy to the elegance of the Mid-America Club.

A family heirloom cake topper made the wedding cake extra special.

The Head Table

A classic table setting with candle favors for the guests, basking the room in a candlelit glow.

Lush greenery made the room seasonal yet romantic.

Foam glow sticks made magic happen on the dance floor!

A glowing sendoff for the Bride and Groom.

Congratulations to Julia and Patrick!

Wedding Coordinator - Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Reception Venue - The Mid-America Club
Photographer - Colin Lyons Photography
Florist - Flowers for Dreams

Friday, September 22, 2017

Top Ten Wedding Photo Locations in Chicago

by Camille McLamb
reprinted as appeared on
With its impressive architecture and unique attractions, Chicago provides a variety of stunning backdrops for photography. Many couples take advantage of the city’s features, spending a few hours on wedding day, either before or after the ceremony, to take wedding photos around town. Whether you want skyline vistas or garden foliage, here is my top ten list of wedding day photo spots in Chicago:

Chicago Marquee
A shot of the newlyweds with the famous Chicago Theatre marquee will make it clear for posterity where you got married. The lights on the sign are spectacular at night, but the colorful sign grabs attention for great daytime shots, as well.
Address: 175 N. State St.

The Bean
This quirky sculpture, formally named Cloud Gate, is a popular tourist destination and a favorite with wedding parties. The reflective surface can make for some artistic shots. But it can be crowded, and you likely won’t be the only wedding group there.
Address: 201 E. Randolph St.

Buckingham Fountain
A Chicago landmark that is a fun stop for a summer wedding. The fountain’s water display occurs for 20 minutes every hour. Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the fountain provides an elegant setting for group photos while still being outdoors.
Address: 301 S. Columbus Dr.

Adler Planetarium
For some of the best skyline views, couples head to Adler Planetarium. With the lake and the beach there too, it’s a scenic spot for photos. But be sure to allow for plenty of time getting to and from the museum campus.
Address: 1300 S. Lake Shore Dr.

Art Institute Garden
This little courtyard garden on the Art Institute’s south side provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue. Generally a quiet space, the canopy of trees, sculpture fountain, and stone benches offer nice photo opportunities and a moment of peace. 
Address: 111 S. Michigan Ave.

Michigan Avenue at Wrigley Building/Riverwalk
On the other hand, if you want to capture the energy of the city, go for a shot of the couple on the median of Michigan Avenue, as cabs and cars whisk by. You can then head down the spiral stone stairs to the Riverwalk for some photos of the Chicago River and surrounding famous architecture.
Address: 400-410 Michigan Ave.

Kinzie Street Bridge
For that industrial Chicago feel, Kinzie Street Bridge, with its high steel trusses, has become a must. It’s a great location for the full wedding party, but be prepared to wait, as other wedding groups take their turn.
Address: Kinzie St. & N. Canal St.

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool
If you want to get back to nature, the Lily Pool offers rocky limestone paths, a prairie style shelter, and, of course, plenty of lily pads. Located in Lincoln Park, it is a national historic landmark.
Address: 125 W. Fullerton Parkway

Union Station
When planning the photo locales, don’t forget to consider a possible rain plan! With its massive stone columns, elegant staircase, and detailed ceiling, Union Station provides a grandiose indoor stop for photos.
Address: 225 S. Canal St.

Chicago Cultural Center
Stained glass domes, curving staircases, and marble walls with colorful mosaics create a magnificent backdrop. The location near Millennium Park is convenient if an unexpected rainstorm interrupts your photos, or if you simply need a break from the heat! 
Address: 78 E. Washington St.

When choosing your photo stops around town, map out the route in advance to best maximize your time around town. When planning the number of stops and amount of time for the trip, be sure to take into account likely city traffic. Rather than worrying about making it to each planned stop, be flexible and enjoy each location! You’ll get beautiful photos but will also be making memories in the process, as you spend time with your closest pals and newly minted spouse!

Tell us your favorite photo spots in the city!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Casey & Joe: Campus Lovebirds

College sweethearts, Casey and Joe, provided a fun-filled wedding weekend for their guests at the place that brought them together, their alma mater, Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal. The reception was full of personal details, and their school spirit was only matched by their love and devotion to each other. To top off the evening, a surprise guest even stopped by the reception, for these two ISU lovebirds.

Photo by Mark Romine Photography
The First Look took place in the college classroom where Casey & Joe first met!

Photo by Mark Romine Photography
The ceremony took place in Evelyn Chapel.

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Black, gold, and ivory created a dramatic look for the wedding reception at the Bloomington-Normal Marriott. 

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Instead of a guestbook, guests wrote their well wishes on a gold and ivory globe.

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
These cute maps highlighted important relationship moments, while guests could peruse the photo album of Casey & Joe's journey together. 

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Family wedding photos decorated the gift table.

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
These escort cards were a whimsical play on the bride's maiden name.

Photo by Mark Romine Photography
ISU's Reggie Redbird made a surprise appearance at the wedding reception!

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Beautiful candlelit tablescapes created an elegant ambiance.

Photo by Mark Romine Photography
Congratulations to Casey & Joe!

Reception Venue: Bloomington-Normal Marriott
Wedding Coordination: Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

Monday, September 12, 2016

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2016

At the beginning of every year, there are always a slew of wedding magazines and websites that proclaim what the top wedding trends will be for the next season. Sometimes they are spot on and other times the supposed trend never takes flight (ahem... floral print wedding dresses). So, I was excited when my friends at Paperless Post asked me to share what wedding trends I'm actually seeing in 2016! Here is my list of the top 5 wedding trends that real couples are doing this year:

Unconventional Seating 

Instead of the traditional round banquet tables, couples are using tables of assorted shapes and sizes for their reception seating plans. A mix of round, square, and long tables creates added visual interest in the room and a cozier ambiance for guests.

Metallic Accents

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
From the floral decor to the stationery, I am seeing metallic accents everywhere! Couples are incorporating silvers, golds, and glitters into their wedding color palette. Whether mercury glass vases for a vintage feel, a sequin linen on the cake table for a touch of old world glamour, or silver borders on the wedding invitations for a modern design, metallics can easily work in an array of different wedding styles.

Dance Floor Giveaways

When it comes to the wedding reception, couples are always eager for the dancing to begin and want to see a packed dance floor. In prior years, they would think about comfort and provide flip flops for their guests weary feet. But now, it's all about fun, and couples are opting for foam light up batons, glow bracelets, and sunglasses to get their guests in a party mood.

Selfie Booths

Photobooths have been an ongoing trend for years. But in 2016, couples are paying tribute to our cell-phone obsessed times with "selfie booths." No need for an actual booth, attendant, or printer. With just a table of props and some selfie sticks, guests can have some fun and share their photos instantly. Don't forget to post a custom wedding hashtag nearby for guests to use so that you can check out all the selfie shenanigans later. #MarriedMayhem


Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

Wedding decor is most often associated with flowers and linens. But this year, couples are focusing on lighting. Whether it's simply specifying the level of dimness for the venue's lights or bringing in outside uplighting, the lighting is one of the quickest ways to change the look of a room and create a certain atmosphere. Amber uplighting can transform a boring ballroom into an enchanting soiree. Or a custom monogram gobo light behind a head table can give a wow-factor personalized touch.

It's always an exciting part of my job to see how real brides and grooms incorporate the latest trends into their big day. So take a trend and make it your own! Happy Planning!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 5 Wedding Trends that Won't Go Away

With wedding season upon us, it's every couple's goal to create a memorable day, scouring the latest trends to incorporate unique details on the big day. I've seen wedding trends come and go, but some trends just won't seem to budge in the hearts of brides and grooms. So, here are the top five wedding trends that just won't seem to go away and how you can put your own new twist on them.

1) Photobooths

When I got married just seven years ago, I desperately wanted a photobooth at my wedding. But, alas, photobooth vendors were few and far between back then. Times have changed. Now photobooths are at almost every wedding I work at. They are provided by DJs, photographers, and independent photobooth companies. While photobooths may not give your wedding that one-of-a-kind feel, they continue to be a crowd-pleaser.

Update the Trend: Instead of a simple photobooth where guests get a strip of snapshots to take home, try a video photobooth! Companies, like PaperCinemas, will turn each guest's short video into a flipbook that they can take home!

2) Trolleys

In an attempt to make even their transportation unique, couples often eschew classic limos for vintage cars and trolleys. In Chicago, you can't drive through downtown on a weekend without seeing a wedding party being carted around by a trolley. Indeed, trolleys are spacious and great for cute photo ops.

Update the Trend: Transportation is an area where the old has become the what's unique again! A limousine is often now the more surprising choice! But if limos just conjure up memories of prom, then consider transporting the wedding party or guests in a British-style double-decker bus.

3) Family Photo Displays

While weddings are all about the newlyweds, I love that couples want to pay homage to their families by incorporating displays of old family photos into the decor. Showcasing black and white photos of the weddings of parents and grandparents makes for a beautiful tribute.

Update the Trend: If looking for other ways to spotlight your loved ones, arrange for the DJ or band to play the first dance songs from your parents' weddings and invite them to the dance floor.

4) Photo Guestbooks

Thank goodness the old guestbooks, where guests just wrote in their names and addresses, have been replaced! Now I most often see photo guestbooks filled with couples' engagement photos, where guests write well-wishes on the pages around the pictures. Photo guestbooks result in a nice memento for the newlyweds.

Update the Trend: Instead of using engagement photos, where guests just see a barrage of images of the couple in various embraces, assemble childhood photos of the couple, with each page showing the bride and groom at different ages. Guests will get a kick out of seeing how the newlyweds have grown up and how their separate paths eventually crossed.

5) Dessert Tables and Late Night Snacks

After your three-course meal, save room for more, because dessert tables and late night snacks have become de rigueur at weddings. Mini-pastries and sliders are popular additions to the wedding menu. But, the truth is, these tasty treats often end up as leftovers!

Update the Trend: Instead of a table of food just appearing in the corner as the night progresses, make your late night goodies stand out so guests gobble them up. Passed cookies with milkshakes in shooter glasses or rolling out an actual ball-park style hot dog stand will get guests' attention.

These five trends have hung around because they are fun and useful details in a wedding. But make a lasting impression on your guests by tweaking these trends and making them your own!

Happy Planning!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Molly & Jack: Love is Brewing

I loved working this fall wedding at the Katherine Legge Memorial Lodge for its rustic, natural ambiance. The personal DIY touches highlighted the couple's personality and created a warm, inviting celebration. Check out a glimpse:

No need for a photobooth! 
A close friend of the couple's served as a guestbook attendant, taking instant photos of guests to create this photo guestbook!

This textured bouquet is perfect for the fall season!

Hanging escort cards made for a playful twist on formal etiquette.

Guests enjoyed homemade beer, brewed by the Groom!

Lovely centerpieces made by the bridesmaids!

The bride and groom cut this cute wedding pie, 
and guests got to indulge in mini pies, instead of cake!

Congratulations to Molly & Jack!

*Photos by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC