Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review & Giveaway: Custom M&Ms

Everybody is familiar with M&Ms candies, but what you may not know is that M&Ms can be customized!  I was recently introduced to custom M&Ms and thought it was such a great idea to incorporate into a wedding reception or shower.  The process is very easy.  Just go to the My M&Ms web site to get started.  The first step is choosing colors for your M&M mix.  You can pick up to three colors to include in the mix.  There are 20 color options, so you can easily match them to your wedding color scheme. 

Next, you personalize the M&Ms by adding messages, images, or clip art.  The names of the bride and groom fit well.  You can even upload a photo of their faces that will appear on your M&Ms!  You can also choose from images of a wedding cake, wedding bells, or champagne glasses. 

Once you've customized the images and messages that will appear on your M&Ms, you move on to select the packaging.  If your planning to use the custom M&Ms as favors, you can have them packaged and sent to you already in favor bags, tins, or mini-boxes.  The favor options cost between $4.19 and $4.99 each.  But if you want to sort them yourself or display them on a candy buffet, there is a five pound bulk bag that contains about 50 servings for $129.99.

The only thing it seems you can't customize is the type of M&M.  Currently, the custom M&Ms are only offered in the regular milk chocolate variety.

Whenever I talk to brides, they are always looking for ways to make their wedding unique.  I think displaying custom M&Ms on a candy buffet or offering bags of your personalized M&Ms as wedding favors are great ways to make your wedding stand out and impress your guests. 

M&M Giveaway!

This month we're doing our first giveaway!  Do you want to try out custom M&Ms?  We're giving away three seven ounce bags of all white M&Ms customized with images of wedding bells and wedding rings to one lucky winner!  Try them out to see if you want to make your own custom mix or use them in an upcoming wedding shower or reception. 

Giveaway bags are similar to the picture but contain all white M&Ms.

 To enter, simply leave a comment to this post by October 31st with an e-mail address to contact if you win.  You'll receive an additional entry if you become a follower on twitter and tweet to us at @CamilleMcLamb.  We will randomly select a winner on November 1st.  If we don't hear back from the winner within one week, we will randomly select a new winner to make sure someone gets the goodies!  No purchase is necessary to enter.

Disclosure: We were provided with complimentary samples of custom M&Ms to review and complimentary bags of custom M&Ms for our giveaway.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to Plan a Theme Wedding

Couples today are increasingly choosing not only a color scheme for their weddings but also a theme.  The challenge is making the theme evident yet tasteful.  Follow these steps for a successful theme wedding.

Make it Meaningful:  When picking your theme, choose something that is meaningful to you.  I recently had a bride who had lived in France as a child, so she planned a wedding reception with a French travel theme.  If you are a movie buff, you could do a Hollywood Glam theme.  Whatever you choose, some of the best themes reflect something about you or your interests.

Do it with Decor:  Of course, you'll want to incorporate the theme into your decor without overdoing it.  Try picking two areas of the reception room to focus on, most commonly the entry and the tables.  With my French themed bride, she used luggage tags as her escort cards to direct guests to their tables as they entered.  Rather than using table numbers, she named each table after a famous landmark in France.  The centerpieces were Eiffel Towers covered by flowers.  These touches were elegant while still showcasing the theme to guests.  Similarly, with a Hollywood theme, you could name the tables after famous actors and actresses from the black and white movie era and then decorate the centerpieces with feathers.

Mix it up with Music:  At any wedding, it's best to have a variety of music that will please both young and old guests alike.  But if you have a theme, it's fun to let it come through in a few songs during the reception.  When you make your grand entrance into the reception room, enter to a song that relates to your theme.  With a Hollywood Glam idea, you could enter to the theme song from Casablanca.  Or, as guests eat dinner, play relevant songs in the background, such as famous movie theme songs.

Fresh ideas with Food:  Add a touch of surprise with your meal by adding in the theme to your food.  For example, with my French themed bride, she had a crepe station.  If you are giving guests menu cards, give each course a witty name that reflects your theme, such as Yellow Brick Road Lemon Tart for dessert for the Hollywood themed wedding.

Finish it off with Favors:  Finally, as guests leave, hit them with your theme one last time with an a propos favor to take home. My French themed bride sent her guests home with traditional French macaroons.  But if you were doing that Hollywood theme, you could give out cute cups of movie popcorn or chocolate clapboards.

Having a theme can add some fun and whimsy for your guests.  Incorporate the theme into the key elements that we mentioned, and you'll pull off a unique yet elegant wedding.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Tip: Getting Outdoor Wedding Photos Without Staining Your Dress

On your wedding day, you'll most likely want to take photos wherever you can to get a great shot with a beautiful background.  You may be traipsing through grass, gardens, fields, or even vineyards in your gorgeous white dress.  Here's a great tip for getting those fantastic photos without staining the bottom of your wedding gown or its train. If you're taking a photo outside or in an area that could stain your dress, simply spread a white sheet out on the ground.  Stand on the sheet (or cut a hole in the sheet where you'll stand) and arrange your dress and train so that the sheet is hidden underneath.  In the picture, the sheet will be invisible while the bottom of your dress is protected.  Now you can just smile and say cheese!