Thursday, February 4, 2021

Botanical Beauty: A Blooming Wedding at Garfield Park Conservatory

With the pandemic still looming, we are looking back at some of our favorite weddings from years past. Megan and Richard's September 2019 wedding at Garfield Park Conservatory was a lush landscape of greenery. Around every corner of the Conservatory was a beautiful photo-op. But the true beauty came from the bride and groom's grace and genuine love. Check out the highlights with these gorgeous photos by Rebekah Albaugh.

A mother-daughter moment

Sharing faith and blessings

Talk about a scenic route! 
The path to the ceremony patio passed through a variety of vistas from jungle-like vegetation to arid desert cacti. 

A dual program and fan for a hot day!

Gorgeous, natural bouquets from Carousel Flowers

Pure joy for husband and wife!

Photos by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Part of what wedding planners do is setting up those special, personalized touches. 
Gone are the days of the traditional guestbook! 
Megan and Richard encouraged guests to write notes of well wishes, thoughts, and advice 
for them to open on their anniversaries.
A memory table paid tribute to family members to keep them close on an important day.

My favorite photo of the day by one of my favorite photographers! 
Rebekah Albaugh captures the most beautiful moments and is able to set up a photo while still putting a couple at ease. I even assisted with this shot!
Wedding planners have to be a jack of all trades, and we step in where needed on wedding day. I held a background light to help make this photo just right, before I shuffled the bride and groom into the reception to cue their grand entrance!

Reception Time! What a room!

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

As wedding planners, we help the newlyweds make a smooth getaway!
Not only do we distribute bubbles, cue the getaway car the get in place, and get the guests lined up outside, but we also give some tips to the bride and groom to stop for a kiss for a great photo and memorable moment!

Congratulations to Megan and Richard!

Photographer - Rebekah Albaugh