Thursday, May 26, 2016

Top 5 Wedding Trends that Won't Go Away

With wedding season upon us, it's every couple's goal to create a memorable day, scouring the latest trends to incorporate unique details on the big day. I've seen wedding trends come and go, but some trends just won't seem to budge in the hearts of brides and grooms. So, here are the top five wedding trends that just won't seem to go away and how you can put your own new twist on them.

1) Photobooths

When I got married just seven years ago, I desperately wanted a photobooth at my wedding. But, alas, photobooth vendors were few and far between back then. Times have changed. Now photobooths are at almost every wedding I work at. They are provided by DJs, photographers, and independent photobooth companies. While photobooths may not give your wedding that one-of-a-kind feel, they continue to be a crowd-pleaser.

Update the Trend: Instead of a simple photobooth where guests get a strip of snapshots to take home, try a video photobooth! Companies, like PaperCinemas, will turn each guest's short video into a flipbook that they can take home!

2) Trolleys

In an attempt to make even their transportation unique, couples often eschew classic limos for vintage cars and trolleys. In Chicago, you can't drive through downtown on a weekend without seeing a wedding party being carted around by a trolley. Indeed, trolleys are spacious and great for cute photo ops.

Update the Trend: Transportation is an area where the old has become the what's unique again! A limousine is often now the more surprising choice! But if limos just conjure up memories of prom, then consider transporting the wedding party or guests in a British-style double-decker bus.

3) Family Photo Displays

While weddings are all about the newlyweds, I love that couples want to pay homage to their families by incorporating displays of old family photos into the decor. Showcasing black and white photos of the weddings of parents and grandparents makes for a beautiful tribute.

Update the Trend: If looking for other ways to spotlight your loved ones, arrange for the DJ or band to play the first dance songs from your parents' weddings and invite them to the dance floor.

4) Photo Guestbooks

Thank goodness the old guestbooks, where guests just wrote in their names and addresses, have been replaced! Now I most often see photo guestbooks filled with couples' engagement photos, where guests write well-wishes on the pages around the pictures. Photo guestbooks result in a nice memento for the newlyweds.

Update the Trend: Instead of using engagement photos, where guests just see a barrage of images of the couple in various embraces, assemble childhood photos of the couple, with each page showing the bride and groom at different ages. Guests will get a kick out of seeing how the newlyweds have grown up and how their separate paths eventually crossed.

5) Dessert Tables and Late Night Snacks

After your three-course meal, save room for more, because dessert tables and late night snacks have become de rigueur at weddings. Mini-pastries and sliders are popular additions to the wedding menu. But, the truth is, these tasty treats often end up as leftovers!

Update the Trend: Instead of a table of food just appearing in the corner as the night progresses, make your late night goodies stand out so guests gobble them up. Passed cookies with milkshakes in shooter glasses or rolling out an actual ball-park style hot dog stand will get guests' attention.

These five trends have hung around because they are fun and useful details in a wedding. But make a lasting impression on your guests by tweaking these trends and making them your own!

Happy Planning!