Monday, February 7, 2022

Garden Gathering: A Spring Wedding at Danada House

After Covid shut the wedding world down for a year, we could not have asked for a better first wedding back in the saddle than Hannah and Kyle's at one of our absolute favorite venues -- Danada House! What I loved is that we were able to turn Covid precautions into cute, personalized details. But mostly you'll just notice the love, joy, and fun that this sweet couple had on a perfect spring day. Check out the gorgeous photos by the incredible Sarah Crost Photography:

Danada House Wedding

One thing that I love about Danada House is the beautiful bride and groom suites upstairs, where the bridal party can get ready. It was the perfect backdrop for Hannah and Kyle to exchange pre-wedding letters. Love the reaction!

When I send out my reminders to every couple, leading up to wedding day, I always include a tip to get a decorative hanger for the wedding dress, and this is why.... it makes for beautiful photos for those classic wedding dress shots!

Danada House Wedding

Hannah had a great team of bridesmaids! Bridesmaids are not just there for photos and fun, they are actually supposed to help the bride, and these ladies definitely came through!

Chicago Wedding Planner

Can you guess whose hands those are? Yep, that's me! One of our many tasks on the day of the wedding is to pin on boutonnieres and distribute corsages

I just love this shot because it shows how the guys can have fun with the details the variety of socks! And let's take a closer look......

The groom's socks are such a cute and whimsical touch!

First looks are all about the reaction, and you can feel the anticipation in this photo! On the day-of, we often work with the photographer to make the first look happen seamlessly.

There are so many great places for photos around Danada House! It's got to be a photographer's dream!

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

We called this the Covid station, complete with hand sanitizer and masks. In those crazy Covid times, vaccines were still relatively new, so there were cute wristbands to indicate a guests' comfort level for socializing. Green meant vaccinated and ready for a hug!

A special reserved chair was such a sweet and touching way to commemorate a loved one.

Danada House Wedding

In a special wine ceremony, the bride and groom mix two of their favorite wines into one. On the day-of, we setup the special ceremonial items, making sure the wines are out and open and ready to go.

Danada House Wedding

Just Married!

Danada House Wedding


I just love how Sarah, the photographer, captured a little bit of fun and silliness! I don't normally post the family photos, but many people may not realize it's one more thing we help out with on wedding day! We work with the photographer and will call out the family groupings, so photos are quick and easy, and the couple can make it to cocktail hour!

Sibling love! So cute!

Escort cards and favors all in one!

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

Photo by Camille Victoria Weddings LLC

Another inside "Covid station." As you can see, the green wristbands were popular...people were ready for hugs!

Danada House Wedding

A room with a view! 
The glassware really adds a lovely extra pop of color to the beautiful tablescapes.

We create a custom, full wedding day timeline for every wedding. Timing may sound mundane, but it can really add an element of surprise and pizzazz to a wedding. In this case, Hannah and Kyle went right into their first dance when they did their grand entrance into the reception. It makes for a wow-factor moment!

Beautiful cake and special cake server and forks.

There are so many ways to incorporate a couple's personality and interests into the wedding decor.
These adorable record table number signs show their love of music.

Another Covid precaution, at that time, was to create special dance zones for each table around the room. These markers on the floor indicated the dance areas, and the play on words turns a safety precaution into a good-humored and cute detail.

Yep, we lit up the night by popping all of the glow sticks for a bright display. 
The glow sticks were multi-purpose for fun dance props and to wave goodbye at the end of the evening.

A cool keepsake from the photobooth. 
These photobooth scrapbooks are one of the many things we gather up at the end of the night to make sure it gets home to the newlyweds.

Their 1st anniversary is now just around the corner! 
Congratulations Hannah and Kyle!


Venue - Danada House
Florist - Kio Kreations
Greenery Backdrop and Lighting - Satin Chair
Photobooth - Concept One
Wedding Coordinator - Camille Victoria Weddings LLC