Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick Tip: What to do with Centerpieces after the Wedding

By the time wedding day rolls around, you have every detail meticulously planned out.  And while you may have chosen the perfect centerpieces to create beautiful tablescapes for the reception, you may not have thought about what you want to happen to those centerpieces after the festivities are over.

The teardown of the room after the reception happens very quickly.  The venue staff want to be on their way home, so if you haven't specified your plan for the centerpieces and decor ahead of time, they may get lost in the shuffle.

First, you'll want to talk to your florist about what parts of the centerpiece can be taken home.  You may have rented the containers from the florist, but the floral arrangement on top can be lifted off and taken.  So, just be sure you're not taking home any of the florist's supplies. 

Next, decide what you'd like to happen to the centerpieces at the end of the wedding.  Do you want to take home all centerpieces?  Do you want to give the centerpieces to your bridal party or guests? You could even donate the flowers to hospitals or nursing homes.

Once you've made your plan, tell your venue's catering manager so that she can inform her staff.  Then, tell your wedding planner or day of coordinator so that she can step in during the chaos of teardown and ensure that your plan for your centerpieces is implemented. 

Flowers may not last forever, but having a plan in place for your centerpieces will allow you to enjoy them as long as you can.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Tip: Shy Guys and Wedding Dances

Got a groom who has two left feet?  Does your Dad shy away from the spotlight? You may have been looking forward to the iconic First Dance and Father/Daughter Dance at your wedding reception, but those important men in your life just aren't comfortable with the concept.  If you've got some shy guys on your hands (or maybe you're the one trying to avoid the dance), you don't have to nix the dances completely to accommodate them.  Instead, once the dance has started, have the band leader or DJ make an announcement inviting the bridal party or even all of the guests up on the dance floor to join you.  That way, your shy guys won't feel like they have all eyes on them, as the dance floor is filled with plenty of people dancing around them.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tropical Delight: Rebecca & Steven

You can't help but feel transported to a tropical rainforest when you visit the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier.  I had the pleasure of coordinating Rebecca and Steven's beautiful wedding there in November.  Check out the photos by Allure Photo.

Navy Pier offers some fantastic photo ops!

The ceremony was unique in that we set it up as a "Chuppah in the Round."  The bride walked down the aisle beneath jumping fountains, as friends and family watched from all sides.

Framed escort cards directed guests to their tables
You may notice each escort card has a colored jewel on it.  If you need a way to indicate to the catering staff whether a guest has requested chicken or beef, one of my favorite tips is to put different colored jewels, ribbons, or decorative stickers on the escort cards.  Your wedding coordinator can tell the staff which colors are for which entrees!

Aberdeen's Wedding Florist created these eye-catching centerpieces.

The show-stopper cake was made by Jarosch Bakery.

The happy couple!

Congratulations to Rebecca and Steven!

Wedding Coordination - Camille Victoria Weddings LLC
Photography - Allure Photo
Videography - Go Wedding Video
Officiant - Rabbi Evan Moffic
Reception Band - Momentum

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Tip: What to Wear to a Wedding

A few weeks ago Kate Middleton made headlines for wearing black to a wedding.  Indeed, it used to be a fashion faux pas to wear black at a wedding.  But times change and so does fashion etiquette.  Today, it's perfectly acceptable to wear black to a wedding.  The little black dress (LBD) can be a woman's most versatile fashion staple.  The LBD is simple and classy, making it great for a wedding.  You can always add a splash of color with a purse, necklace, or shoes. 

Now, the main fashion rule for guests at a wedding is: Don't Upstage the Bride!  That typically means that you shouldn't wear white or ivory.  No one should end up confusing you with the bride!  I personally also recommend avoiding flashy red dresses, but that's a matter of choice.  Also, be sure to dress tastefully.  Don't wear anything too low cut or see-through.  Keep the attention where it belongs -- on the bride!