Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Tip: Guests with Gifts

While it's exciting to see a gift table at a wedding laden with large wrapped boxes for the newlyweds, it can be a problem when guests bring their gifts to the wedding.  Why?  After the wedding, it's usually the parents who are left struggling to fit cumbersome boxes into their cars to take them home for the bride and groom.  The proper etiquette is for guests to send wedding gifts to the couple before the wedding or not long after the wedding.  Since most registries are now online, it should be no problem to order the gift and have it sent directly from the store.  And when the store ships the gift directly, you are not responsible for packing it up, which means if the gift breaks in transit, the store will likely replace it.  Be a savvy guest and remember it's not just about giving a gift but when you give it. 

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