Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Tip: Wedding Reception Lighting

Even if you're not hiring a lighting designer for your wedding reception, you'll still want to think about lighting.  Many venues have their lights on dimmers, which means you'll have some lighting decisions to make.  You may want the lights dimmed throughout the entire reception.  Or, you may want to bring the lights up for dinner and bring them down for dancing.  Maybe you want to brighten the room for the "mini-events" throughout the night, such as the cake cutting or bouquet toss.  If you don't bring up the topic with your vendors, you may be surprised when they bring up the lights during the first dance, when you had assumed it would be romantically dim in the room.  No matter what your decisions, don't forget to discuss your lighting preferences with your wedding coordinator or site manager.

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  1. Hey there Camille, was just checking out your blog and couldn't help but notice a topic on lighting at the reception, which happens to be one of my favorite topics too :)

    I can just say from a photographer's perspective, lighting is so important and so often overlooked at the reception (and the ceremony for that matter!). I've been preaching to my brides the importance of uplighting and even did a blog posting about it recently.

    Check it out if you like.

    Thanks and I look forward to reading the rest of your blog!