Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Wedding Favor that Won't Be Left Behind

I had a lovely little surprise yesterday. When the UPS man knocked on the door, I couldn't imagine what he could be delivering. I wasn't expecting a package. I brought the package inside, and when I saw the label -- L.A. Burdick -- I instantly had to open it!

Burdick chocolates are some of the most delicious and most unique chocolates I have had! When I lived in Boston years ago, I was fortunate to visit their chocolate shop and indulge. The little box I got yesterday was a Valentine's gift from my wonderful parents. I opened up the wooden box, and there was an assortment of chocolate mice staring back at me!

Let's be honest -- this box of chocolates isn't going to make it until Valentine's Day! My husband was lucky he even got some! :)

I wanted to share this little story because my clients often wonder what to give guests as favors. They struggle to think of things that their guests will actually like and won't leave behind. So, I always advise to give favors that are either a  yummy treat or something practical that guests could actually use in their home.

Lo and behold, Burdick does wedding favors!

Many companies do chocolate favors. But what I love about the idea of Burdick favors is they aren't just a mini box of chocolates. Guests get a little surprise when they open a box and see adorable chocolate mice, complete with silky tails, or debonair little penguins staring back. So, it's a favor that is delicious but also has a touch of whimsy to it that will make guests smile. If a guest were to leave this favor behind, rest assured, I would grab it up!

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