Friday, June 15, 2012

What To Do With The Dress After The Big Day

You searched and searched for your dream dress, and now your big day has come and gone. You are almost as in love with your new husband as you are with your wedding gown. (Okay, maybe it's the other way around.) While you plan to keep him on display for years to come, what will you do with that perfect dress?

For most brides, the decision is easy. They have their dress cleaned, preserved, and pack it away; perhaps in hopes that someday their own daughter might say “I do” in that very dress. But there are many other ideas to showcase that ever important dress.

For brides who have a bit less sentimental attachment to their dress, a great option is to sell the dress or even donate it. Brides Against Breast Cancer accepts gown donations that they then sell to raise money to support breast cancer patients. Passing on your dress to another bride not only helps bring their wedding dreams to life, but also contributes to a good cause.

For the daring bride, a trash the dress photo session can be a fun way to have a last hurrah with your dress.

Photo by Daniel Szysz

From Dress Safari
 You can showcase your dress in other meaningful ways after wedding day. Do you hope that one day your daughter will walk down the aisle in your gown, but your dress happens to be a little more bold than timeless?

Dress your daughter up in your wedding gown while she is still young for a beautiful photo. You'll always have the cherished memory of her wearing your gown and it will be an amazing display on her own wedding day.

Your gown can also become a family heirloom. Have a baptismal dress made from the fabric of your dress. Or use the fabric as a covering on your wedding album.

What will you do with your dress after the Big Day? Tell us below....

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