Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Just Got Married... Now What?

A Post-Wedding Checklist 

The wedding is over, you’re officially husband and wife, and you’re back from your honeymoon. No more excessive planning and stress! According to The Knot, the average engagement time is around 17 months, meaning couples spend more than a year and a half devoting their lives to wedding planning. It should be a relief to be done, right? But once you get back from your honeymoon, you suddenly find yourself with free time. So what are you supposed to do now?! Not to worry -- plenty of tasks still await! Here is your list of items to take care of after the big day to avoid the post-wedding blues!

The Basics: 

  • Send thank you notes. (Proper etiquette says that you should have thank you notes in the mail no later than two months after your wedding date.) 
  • Send change-of-address cards. 
  • Follow up with photographer regarding proofs and album. 
  • Follow up with videographer for video song selections and video viewing. 
  • Clean and store your wedding gown. (Contact the store that you purchased your gown from for possible deals.)  
  • Update your Will. 
  • Send a wedding announcement to your local newspaper. 
Changing Your Name: 

  • Be sure you have received your marriage certificate after the wedding. This will serve as one of your primary documents for changing your name. In some counties, the certificate is not mailed automatically, and you will need to send a request to obtain a copy. 
  • Change your social. Simply go to your area social security office, fill out the SS-5 form (or get it online and fill it out in advance), and voila! For more information on what to bring, go to: 
  • Change your driver’s license. Go to your nearest DMV. While you’re at the DMV, don’t forget to also change your name on your vehicle registrations, as well. Be sure to leave time to wait in line!  
  • Change your passport. You have one year from your wedding date to change your passport for free. For information on what to mail, go to: 
Now, the U.S. government officially recognizes your new name! Congratulations!

Now you can change:

  • W2 information at work 
  • Payroll – talk to HR 
  • Life insurance and retirement account beneficiaries 
  • Insurance information 
  • Credit cards 
  • Bank account information 
  • Vehicle titles 
  • Voter Registration 
  • Email addresses 
  • Library card
  • Alumni associations, gyms, and other organizations to which you belong 
  • Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 

Just when you thought the To-Do List was completed, you have a new one to start on! But don’t worry -- no need to tackle these tasks immediately. Sit back, relax, and soak in wedded bliss!

*Sarah Madonia contributed to this article.

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