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What Does the Maid of Honor Do?

When planning your wedding, one of the biggest decisions a bride can make is choosing who will get the coveted Maid of Honor position. But what does the Maid of Honor actually do? There are many responsibilities that a good Maid of Honor (“MOH”) will handle. The MOH is a role that, when successfully done, can take immense pressure off the bride. So when choosing who you want for the job, consider the responsibilities she will be tackling.

Pre-Wedding Party-Planner

The MOH traditionally coordinates a bridal shower or bachelorette party. She will choose the location, send out the invitations, and delegate planning tasks to your bridesmaids, such as setting up games to play, buying prizes for the winners, and providing snacks for guests.

Shopping Fashionista

Every girl needs a shopping buddy. You may want your MOH to accompany you on the mission to find the perfect wedding dress. For the bridesmaid dresses, while you certainly want to please your bridesmaids, it can be difficult to settle on a dress, if you let each bridesmaid weigh in on the decision. So, when shopping for the bridesmaid dresses, consider just taking your MOH. She can serve as a representative for the bridesmaids, so you can ensure your pick isn’t totally off base. And it will be much easier to select a dress with just a second opinion, rather than five opinions!

The MOH can assist with other purchases, as well, if needed, and even help research vendors. But if asking her to help with these planning tasks, be sure that she will keep your vision at the forefront and won’t end up planning her own wedding!

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Leader of the Pack with a Diplomatic Hand

No one ever wants to be the bad guy. But brides sometimes get a bad rap and labeled a Bridezilla for giving simple directions, like what color shoes to wear with the bridesmaid dresses. (Is it really that difficult to find taupe shoes???) A stellar MOH will step in and come to the bride's defense if a bridesmaid puts up a fuss. A simple reminder from the MOH that they are there to make your day special and less stressful should be enough to set the culprit straight. The MOH can handle tasks from reminding the bridesmaids to purchase their dresses on time to corralling the girls to ensure nobody is late to the rehearsal.

Personal Assistant

At the actual event, your MOH should be by your side both literally and figuratively. She will hold your bouquet and fix your train at the altar. She may need to help bustle your train for the reception or even just fetch a glass of champagne, if you’re looking overwhelmed. The MOH can also serve as the point of contact for your wedding coordinator, letting her know when you are on your way to the ceremony to ensure the groom is out of sight.

So, when choosing your MOH, yes, she should be a “bestie,” but also look for a few key traits to ensure she can fulfill her MOH responsibilities. Organization is key. She, in essence, will serve as a makeshift event planner to plan the bachelorette party or shower. She will need to find a location, delegate duties, and possibly book transportation. She should be dependable, so you can trust her to show up at your dress appointment on time or even find the perfect violinist, if you accidentally left booking ceremony musicians to the last minute. She should be willing to take charge while still being a team player, since she will be the leader of the bridesmaids, keeping them on task and diffusing disputes. She should be supportive, willing to listen, and always keep your likes and dislikes at heart.

The role of Maid of Honor is meant to be just that -- an honor! So choosing the right gal for the job is an important decision. Keep in mind the MOH responsibilities when making your selection, and maybe even show her this article, so she knows what’s ahead!

What tasks are you having your MOH handle? Tell us below….

*Natalie Gudel contributed to this article.

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