Thursday, November 7, 2013

Planning Weddings from Out-Of-Town

Couples today are constantly on the move! Sometimes that means the newly engaged end up planning out-of-state weddings. Though planning from afar may present some added challenges,  there are steps a bride can take to ensure that the planning goes smoothly. 

Get Planning!
Wedding planning does not have to be stressful. But nothing contributes more to a stressful planning process than a shortage of time, especially when planning from out-of-town. Ideally, leave yourself eight months to a year to plan. Start with numbers. Talk about budget and the size of the guest list with your fianc√©. With the numbers out of the way, you can then jump right into finding the perfect venue.

Book a Pro!
Booking a wedding planner in the city where you are getting married can help alleviate some pressure. A wedding planner will already be an expert on venues and vendors in the area and will drastically cut down on your time spent researching options. The wedding planner can do the initial research for you, allowing you to simply make the final decisions.

Utilize Technology!
We live in the era of technology, which makes wedding planning from out-of-town so much easier. You can view pictures of venues online, see examples of the past work of vendors, read reviews of vendors, and even listen to audio samples of bands. When you find a few companies you’re interested in, you can e-mail them for more info, participate in consultations by phone or Skype, and share your ideas with them on Pinterest.

Enlist the Locals!
Contact family or friends that live in the area where you’ll be hosting the wedding. Ask them to be scouts for you, attending meetings on your behalf. Having someone at the appointments whose opinion you value (and who can take pictures for you) can be particularly helpful when scoping out potential venues.

Wedding planning from afar may have its extra challenges, but if love can surpass distance, surely the wedding planning can as well!  Happy Planning!

*Natalie Gudel contributed to this article.

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