Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quick Tip: What to do with Centerpieces after the Wedding

By the time wedding day rolls around, you have every detail meticulously planned out.  And while you may have chosen the perfect centerpieces to create beautiful tablescapes for the reception, you may not have thought about what you want to happen to those centerpieces after the festivities are over.

The teardown of the room after the reception happens very quickly.  The venue staff want to be on their way home, so if you haven't specified your plan for the centerpieces and decor ahead of time, they may get lost in the shuffle.

First, you'll want to talk to your florist about what parts of the centerpiece can be taken home.  You may have rented the containers from the florist, but the floral arrangement on top can be lifted off and taken.  So, just be sure you're not taking home any of the florist's supplies. 

Next, decide what you'd like to happen to the centerpieces at the end of the wedding.  Do you want to take home all centerpieces?  Do you want to give the centerpieces to your bridal party or guests? You could even donate the flowers to hospitals or nursing homes.

Once you've made your plan, tell your venue's catering manager so that she can inform her staff.  Then, tell your wedding planner or day of coordinator so that she can step in during the chaos of teardown and ensure that your plan for your centerpieces is implemented. 

Flowers may not last forever, but having a plan in place for your centerpieces will allow you to enjoy them as long as you can.

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