Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Tip: What to Wear to a Wedding

A few weeks ago Kate Middleton made headlines for wearing black to a wedding.  Indeed, it used to be a fashion faux pas to wear black at a wedding.  But times change and so does fashion etiquette.  Today, it's perfectly acceptable to wear black to a wedding.  The little black dress (LBD) can be a woman's most versatile fashion staple.  The LBD is simple and classy, making it great for a wedding.  You can always add a splash of color with a purse, necklace, or shoes. 

Now, the main fashion rule for guests at a wedding is: Don't Upstage the Bride!  That typically means that you shouldn't wear white or ivory.  No one should end up confusing you with the bride!  I personally also recommend avoiding flashy red dresses, but that's a matter of choice.  Also, be sure to dress tastefully.  Don't wear anything too low cut or see-through.  Keep the attention where it belongs -- on the bride!

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