Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting Creative with Wedding Guestbooks

Camille Victoria Weddings is proud to announce that we were recently quoted as a wedding expert in Wedding Guide Chicago!  In the summer/fall issue of the magazine, we revealed a hot trend we've been seeing -- couples getting creative with guestbooks! 

With traditional wedding guestbooks, guests simply sign their name and address into a decorative book, thereby creating a log of everyone that was in attendance at the wedding.  But ask yourself:  years down the road, will you feel compelled to pull out the guestbook and look through a bunch of names and addresses? Chances are the guestbook will sit on a shelf collecting dust.  That's why today we're seeing couples spice up their wedding guestbooks with creative new ideas.

One way to revamp your guestbook is to create a photo guestbook.  Simply get a decorative scrapbook and some instant cameras.  Ask a couple of outgoing friends to be your guestbook attendants.  They will stand by the guestbook table to welcome guests, take their photos, and paste the photos onto the scrapbook pages.  Guests can then write messages to the bride and groom next to their photos.  I had one bride who set up an old time photo booth, where her guests could take photos and then paste them into a scrapbook with a written message.  Any way that you do it, the photo scrapbook is fun for guests and creates a keepsake that you may actually look at in the future.  Check out the photo scrapbook from my own wedding!

photo by Caroline Eller LLC

photo by Caroline Eller LLC

photo by Caroline Eller LLC

Another fun guestbook idea is to simply use any book that is special to you.  I had one bride who used a coffee table book filled with photos of the university where she met her groom.  I've heard of other couples using cookbooks or storybooks.  The guests then write messages to the bride and groom throughout the pages of the book.

Consider creating guestbooks that you can hang on a wall in your home.  There are many companies on the Internet that create ceramic guestbook platters guests can sign. One couple I worked with framed their engagement portrait and the guests signed around the photo.

One of my favorite ideas is to put out fabric squares for guests to sign.  After the wedding, the squares can be sewn together to create a guestbook quilt

from bride&babyfavors.com
There are so many ways to make your guestbook unique and fun for your guests.  Pick an idea that's special to you so that you'll come away with a guestbook that you will actually treasure into the future.

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