Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Videography: The Great Debate

This week we have a guest post from Mike Fisher of Storymix Media.  Many couples today may forego hiring a videographer for their wedding in order to save some money.  They may think regular photography is enough to capture the important moments of their Big Day.  Check out Mike's great advice about why to hire a videographer and alternatives to traditional videography that won't break your budget:

Wedding video has become the great divide.  Many couples consider it an essential part of the planning while others consider it a waste of time and money.  When deciding whether to hire a videographer for your wedding, here are some things to consider.

There are no do-overs

If you decide against hiring a videographer, unfortunately, the decision is final.  You can't go back in time and fix your "mistake."  Sometimes you can re-shoot some photographs, but with video, there is no chance.  As someone who decided against having a pro videographer, I can tell from painful experience how much I wish I had that footage.  You might not think you'll care, but a few years down the road when you have kids or are celebrating your anniversary, you may wish you had it.

The day will be a blur

Even though your wedding day may seem like the longest day of your life, it will be over in a flash.  Many couples feel as if they can't remember anything that happened, even the day after the wedding!  Plus, there are so many things happening during the day that you are bound to miss much of it, as you'll be focused on specific events.  A wedding video will help you remember what was said and done throughout the Big Day.

Pro equipment isn't cheap

Hiring a pro doesn't guarantee great results, so you'll need to do your homework before signing any contract.  But you can almost always count on a pro videographer to have equipment that will provide good quality footage.  A $5000 camera is going to run circles around a cell phone camera!

Photos aren't video

Many couples think that having good photos will be enough to capture the memories.  While good photography is very important and may be your favorite method for remembering your wedding, still photos cannot recreate the sounds, visuals, and emotions of video.  A photo won't capture the crack in your fiance's voice when he got teary-eyed saying his vows.  And a video of your grandmother dancing to YMCA will be much more enjoyable, since there's a good chance you were busy talking with Table 15 when it happened.

Alternatives to a pro

Some couples just can't afford to hire a videographer or don't want to deal with yet another vendor.  That doesn't mean that you have to give up on capturing footage from your wedding.  At a minimum, ask an aquaintance to shoot some video (close friends and family may prefer to enjoy the day).  You'll at least have the footage and can get it edited later by a company like Storymix Media or do it yourself at home.  Another option is to rent Flip cameras and give them to your bridal party, friends, and family to capture the intimate and personal moments.  In fact, even if you hire a pro, flip cameras are a great way to get your guests involved and capture some footage the videographer may miss while he's focused on the bride and groom.

You don't want to miss any moment on your wedding day.  Hopefully these tips demonstrate the importance of recording your wedding day so that you can make an informed decision about wedding videography.

Mike Fisher
Storymix Media

In a future post, Mike will discuss what to ask before hiring a pro videographer.  Keep tuning in!

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  1. Hi Camille,

    I would like to thank you for posting this! I find that videography is being utilized more and more often now, as people are realizing the benefit and potential of today's DSLRs and camcorders. We now have the ability to record both still photography as well as digital video with complete high definition-and now we can even do both using the same camera! This surge in new technologies is giving video a competitive edge in the wedding market. At Flaneur, we have the capability of not only using DSLRs for both your photography and video, but we can use two of the same exact camera (one for video/one for photos) simultaneously, so your footage/photos have a precise image match. If anyone has questions or would like to combine services, please contact me through our contact form on our website!


    Roy Marin
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    Flaneur Videography