Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bride and Groom Gift Giving Guide

Though you're the one getting married, you're not the only one who should receive gifts! There are several people to consider giving gifts to as a thank you for their participation in your wedding.

It has become customary to give gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. For ladies, the gift could be a monogrammed tote bag or earrings they can wear with their bridesmaid dresses.  For gentlemen, an engraved business card holder or a subscription to a beer of the month club are appropriate gifts.  If you have program attendants or additional ushers, don't forget to include them.  The gifts can be given at a bridesmaids luncheon or rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding.

The joy of marriage may be gift enough for the happy bride, but jewelry is an added bonus!  Grooms, get brownie points by surprising your bride with a present before the wedding.  You can't go wrong with a bracelet or earrings that she can wear down the aisle.  Send a groomsmen or your wedding coordinator to the bridal suite on the day of the wedding to give the gift to your bride as she is getting dressed with her bridesmaids.  Not only will you impress the bride, but you'll get on the good side of all her best friends.   

Don't forget about your parents.  Particularly if your parents are helping to pay for the wedding, it is a nice gesture to give them a small token to say thank you.  A gift certificate for a nice restaurant, cuff links for your dad to wear with his tux, or tickets to the symphony are great parent gifts.  Present the gifts to each set of parents privately the day before the wedding.

Give back to your guests.  For out-of-town guests,  put together hospitality bags filled with snacks and tourist info that they will get when they check in to their hotel.  It is quite common to give guests a small memento to take home from the reception as a wedding favor.  Jordan almonds are a traditional wedding favor, but couples are getting creative, sending their guests home with luggage tags, coasters, flower seeds, and photobooth photos. Wedding favors can be displayed all together for guests to take as they leave the reception, or you can put a favor at each place setting.

Use your wedding as a chance to say thank you, not only for help preparing for the Big Day but also for years of friendship of support. A simple gift can convey the message.

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