Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where To Sit At Your Own Reception

You'll likely spend quite a bit of time planning where your guests will sit at your wedding reception and getting the seating chart just right.  Though you'll likely be on your feet greeting guests and dancing away during much of the reception, don't forget to think about where you and the groom will sit.  There are several options.

Sweetheart Table: This is a small table just for the bride and groom, usually placed in a central location within the reception room.  It can be quite romantic to see the bride and groom completely focused on each other, at least for the few moments that they may be sitting.  But if you don't want all eyes on you while you eat, the sweetheart table may not be for you. And if you want to get up to greet guests while the groom is sitting enjoying a drink, it can look odd to leave him alone at the table.  If you do opt for a sweetheart table, ask that the chairs be placed so that you'll be sitting next to each other rather than across from each other. You'll want to be able to hold hands and whisper in each other's ears!

Head Table:  The head table is typically a long rectangular table where the bride and groom sit along with the bridal party.  It's a fun option to be surrounded by your bridal party, particularly if they all are friends with each other.  But keep in mind, married bridal party members may prefer to sit with their spouses.  And if your bridesmaids and groomsmen don't already know each other, they may have more fun sitting with their own friends.

Create-a-Table:  If you prefer to sit among your guests, simply create your own table.  You may prefer to create a family table, where you can sit with your parents and siblings. Remember, sitting with the bride and groom at the wedding is an honor.  You could add in your best man and maid of honor, a godmother, or any one else that is particularly special to you. 

When deciding where you'll sit, consider where you'll have the most fun.  Then think about who you want to sit with you and where they will be most comfortable.  So when you finally do take a break from dancing at your reception, you'll sit down to a table filled with those very important people in your life.

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