Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quick Tip: At The End of the Day

You've spent tons of time planning for the Big Day to make sure everything goes smoothly; don't forget to plan for what happens once the party is over. 

Simply put - there is a lot of stuff to take home at the end of a wedding! You'll have gifts, the guestbook, leftover favors, leftover programs, the top tier of the cake, any DIY decor that you provided, your bouquet, and possibly even centerpieces. It's best to designate a friend or family member in advance to be responsible for taking these items home for you. Your designated person should know ahead of time that they are appointed for this task, and they should be aware that this responsibility requires that they stay until the very end of the wedding. Also, these items don't easily fit in the hotel shuttle or a cab, so be sure that the designated person will have her own transportation after the reception.

If your plan is to pick up these items at a later time, just be sure to clear this with your venue in advance. Some venues expect everything to be removed after an event while others may store items for you until the next day. But be sure you know your venue's policy before making your plans.

Lastly, don't forget about the rentals! You may have centerpiece vases or cake stands that are rentals from your vendors. Make sure you are aware of the plan for removal of these items. Check your contract to see if you are responsible for the return of these items. If so, these items will need to go with your designated person. But if the vendors will be returning to collect these rented items after the wedding, you will need to inform them of the venue's policy on when they must come. Again, some venues will not store items after the wedding, so the vendors will need to know that they must come immediately after the reception ends. But if the venue will store the items, the vendors can arrange for pickup at a later time.

Some simple coordination in advance will help avoid confusion at the end of the Big Day.

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